USA Ez Land Real Estate is a Real Estate Investment Company based in Florida since 2015.

We strive to offer housing to the public in general as well as great deals to investors nationwide, always having in mind that our goal is to bless others. Our portfolio includes properties in Florida and Tennessee.

From cash buyers to Owner Financing, we offer flexible terms which allow buyers to purchase our properties without a traditional bank loan. This leaves more room for negotiation on loan terms and approvals.


Buying land has never been so easy. You choose, sign, pay and receive the deed of your property without stepping out of your house.

  • Choose your property.
  • Send us a message informing the address of the property, how you wish to pay (One time payment or Owner Financing) and your email address.
  • Receive the contract in your email through SignNow – a provider of electronic signature technology.
  • Sign up your contract online. It is your legal document of Real Estate Sale and Purchase Agreement.
  • Receive an email from SquareUp with a link to make payment.
  • Pay with credit or debit card. It is Easy to Use and Serious Secure.

No realtors, no paperwork, no hassle.

Experience the beauty of owning your own land.